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Utility Patents

Utility Patents

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Using the same shoe example as Design patent below, let’s say this time the company developed a new tennis shoe that helped a person slide down a roller coaster. What is different about this tennis shoe? While it may look different, the real difference is that this tennis shoe can help you Slide down a roller-coaster. In other words, it “works” different than other tennis shoes. The function of the tennis shoe is protected with a Utility Patent. Utility Patents protect the functionality of the invention, meaning what elements are in the invention and how they work. For this example, a Utility Patent could protect not just a tennis shoe that helps you slide down a roller-coaster, but any type of shoe that can help you slide down a roller-coaster. Utility Patents offer “broader” protection than Design Patent. Utility Patents have a term of 20 years.


Let’s say a shoe company develops a new style of tennis shoe. When the company has finished developing the shoe and is ready to take the shoe to market, they want to protect their investment by filing for a Patent. The tennis shoe the company has developed is a new style of tennis shoe. The tennis shoe works like other tennis shoes but what is different is the look of the tennis shoe. Since the company invested a lot of money developing the tennis shoe, they want to make a return on that investment and inhibit anybody else from making, selling or using a tennis shoe that looks like their tennis shoe. The company will choose to file for a Design Patent to protect their new style of tennis shoe. Since it is the “look” or “appearance” of the shoe that is different, a Design Patent is the best type of Patent to protect the new shoe. If what is different about your invention is the way that it looks, you should file for a Design Patent. Design Patents have a term of 14 years

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Frank Monte
Frank Monte

Google review

Absolutely wonderful to work with!!! Initially denied by the US Patent office Attorney Powers was adamant we would win the appeal process and win we did! We already have offers to sell and/or license our patent. Highly Recommend!!!

Gina Lipstein
Gina Lipstein

Google Review

I have worked with Stephen Powers at Gulf Coast Intellectual Property for the last 7 years with my product, Refresh-a-Baby, and their service has been way more than I ever expected. Stephen helped me immensely through the patenting process and beyond. He is always available with a quick response time for additional help and questions along the way. He is very knowledgeable in the area of intellectual properties and has provided valuable advice for my company. He is very trustworthy making you feel comfortable right away. He has been super pleasant to work with and I recommend him to anyone and everyone going through the patenting process.

Glenn Higa
Glenn Higa

Google Review

I have worked with 2 other companies that help with invention ideas and patents/legal processes and Stephen Powers, Patent Attorney with Gulf Coast International has been the best by far. On many occasions, Stephen has taken the time to explain legal terminology in depth to me with patience and concern. He has been 100% supportive throughout this process, and he has indeed helped me to progress my invention through this complex and difficult patent process even with patent office examiner rejections. I would definitely recommend Gulf Coast International (Stephen Powers) to anyone who is interested in progressing his or her invention. On a scale of 1 thru 10, 10 being best, I would give him a 10.

Mark Tr
Mark Tr

Google Review

Absolutely fantastic. Professional, thorough, and without question, the best value. All work is done in the US, not outsourced. Did amazing work. Other firm were going to charge more for evaluating the content of the patent than the entire patent write up and filing with Gulf Coast. Id be happy to talk with anyone considering this firm.

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